ePConnect? is a mobile patient disease management solution developed by Jsure based on ePRO system. ePConnect? allows patients to record patient report outcome data with mobile tools, such as medication status, pain scores, adverse drug reaction reports, subjective descriptions of health status, and patient personal feelings. With hospital nurses and medical call centers to form an online-to-offline patient education management model, ePConnect? is mainly used for patient education and management in post marketing surveillance, and has become an efficient mobile patient report outcome and patient experience data collection platform.

Features and Application Scenarios of ePConnect?

Stages Post-marketing Stage Patient Management Stage
Scenes Real world study Pharmacovigilance and management Medication records and reminders Personalized push
Features Patient report outcomes Adverse drug reaction report Compliance management Individualized patient education
Value Provide real world evidence Compliance and timely reporting Improve efficacy and prolong DOT Active symptom management

Advantages of ePConnect?

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